easy christmas cupcake ideas for kidsIf you have kids who love to help in the kitchen, the Christmas holidays are a great time to let them participate. These three easy Christmas cupcake ideas for kids are quick and simple, and kids will love frosting and decorating the cupcakes themselves (or with a little help from Mom!). Here’s how to make these fun treats.

Ingredients for Christmas Cupcakes
– 1 package of your favorite cake mix
– chocolate and vanilla frosting
– shredded coconut
– red sprinkles
– chocolate chips
– mini vanilla wafers
– twist pretzels
– Hershey’s Kisses
– mini M & Ms
– large marshmallows

Mix and bake your cupcakes according to the package directions, and allow them to cool. After the cupcakes have cooled, follow these instructions to decorate.

Santa Claus Cupcakes
To turn your cupcake into Santa’s face, spread vanilla frosting evenly, then use red sprinkles along the top to create a hat. Then place two chocolate chips (point-side down) on the cupcake to create the eyes and use mini M&Ms or some cupcake sprinkles to create the nose. Sprinkle shredded coconut across the bottom to create the beard.

Reindeer Cupcakes
Cover the cupcake with chocolate frosting. Add a mini vanilla wafer a little below the center of the cupcake to create the nose and add two chocolate chips or M&Ms just above for the eyes. Break some twist pretzels in half and press the lower part of the pretzel into the frosting, allowing the upper half of the pretzel to stick up, forming the antlers.

Snowman Cupcakes
Frost the cupcake with vanilla or chocolate frosting to represent snow or ground. Then place one large marshmallow in the middle of the cupcake to make the snowman’s body. Put a little frosting on the top of it and stack a second marshmallow directly on top to make the head. Then create the hat by sticking a Hershey’s Kiss on top of the second marshmallow with a dab of frosting. Complete the snowman by using a tiny bit of frosting to stick confetti sprinkles or mini M & M s on for eyes.

Your kids will love making these easy Christmas cupcakes!