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General Santa Letter 1

Dear [__NAME__],

Ho, ho, ho! We've been very busy at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas Eve. Mrs. Claus is making me a new suit, the reindeer are getting in shape, the elves are finishing the toys, and I'm making my list and checking it twice. That's why I'm writing to you!

I saw you're on my ...

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General Santa Letter 2

Dear [__NAME__],

I just returned from a training flight with all the reindeer, and now Mrs. Claus has made me a nice cup of hot chocolate so I can relax while I read my mail and send letters to good little girls and boys around the world.

How are you doing? I can't believe you're already [__AGE__] th...

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General Santa Letter 3

Dear [__NAME__],

I can't believe it's almost Christmas time again! It's so busy up here at the North Pole at this time of year. I just came from the toy workshop, and the elves are hurrying to get all the toys finished for Christmas.

Can you guess what they're making for you? I know you really want a ...

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Reply to Child's Letter to Santa

Dear [__NAME__],

Thanks for the nice letter you wrote to me. I love getting letters from little [__GENDER__]s like you. Mrs. Claus helps me open and read them all. It's so much fun for us to hear from you and find out about you and the toys you'd like for Christmas.

I know this year you're really hopi...

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Christian Santa Letter

Dear [__NAME__],

I'm looking forward to visiting you in [__HOMETOWN__] this year! Mrs. Claus and the elves have been helping me get ready for the big day, and all the reindeer have been exercising so they'll be ready to fly all over the world on Christmas Eve.

Christmas is such a wonderful time for al...

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Baby's First Christmas Santa Letter

Dear Baby [__NAME__],

Merry Christmas! I've been making my list and checking it twice, and I saw your name is new on the list of nice little [__GENDER__]s this year.

I know your [__MOM__OR_PARENTS__] [__MOM__OR_PARENTS__IS__ARE__] very happy to have you as the newest member of the family. Your [__MOM_...

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You're in Kindergarten Santa Letter

Dear [__NAME__],

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's almost Christmas, and I've been making my list and checking it twice to see who's been naughty and who's been nice. I'm very happy to see that you're on my list of nice [__AGE__]-year-old [__GENDER__]s.

But I was so surprised to see that you're already in kindergarten...

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New Sibling Santa Letter

Dear [__NAME__],

I've been getting ready for Christmas, and I see that you and your new little [__CHILD__BROTHER__OR__SISTER__] are on my Nice List this year.

How do you like being a big [__BROTHER__OR__SISTER__]? I know that sometimes it's hard when you're only [__AGE__], but you've been great. And I...

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