Printable Santa Letters.com was started by two moms with young kids. When our kids were younger, we wanted them to experience the joy of receiving a letter from Santa Claus, but we didn’t like the options that were available on the web at that time. The prices were too high, and the letters were too generic. So we made my own letters and decided to share them with others. Our goal is to make it easy for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and teachers to share the magic of Santa Claus with children. We offer a fast, easy and affordable way for anyone to become one of Santa’s elves.

Simply choose the text of your letter and a background image. Then fill in the blanks. You’ll be shown a preview of your Santa letter, which you can approve, or you can go back and try another letter or design. It just takes a few minutes.

Once you’re satisfied, you can choose one of our three Santa letter packages, from the basic package with just a letter and an envelope for only $3.99, or one of our larger packages that include extra goodies such as a personalized Nice List Certificate or an autographed photo of Santa. You’ll receive a link to instantly download your products and then you can print them right from your computer. It’s easy, fun, and will save you money over the full-service Santa letter sites.

The system is automated, but occasionally an email doesn’t get triggered properly or there’s some other glitch. If that happens to you, please contact us via the email address you’ll find on your PayPal confirmation so we can resolve the problem.

Merry Christmas!


Choose from these Santa letter packages

Package 1 – Our Best Value!

  • Santa letter and envelope
  • autographed 4×6 photo of Santa
  • personalized letter from Rudolph
  • personalized Nice List Certificate
  • 2nd envelope design for a 9×12 envelope
  • Only $4.89!

Package 2

  • Santa letter and envelope
  • autographed 4×6 photo of Santa
  • personalized letter from Rudolph
  • Only $3.89!

Package 3

  • Santa letter and envelope only
  • Only $2.89!

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