free christmas postcards from santaChristmas isn’t the only time Santa can send letters or notes to your kids. Try our free Christmas postcards or visit Santa’s Official North Pole Mail to get some fun Santa postcards designed for year-round use.

Birthday Santa Postcard – If you pick just one other time during the year to send a message from Santa Claus, a birthday is a great time to do it, particularly if it’s during the middle of the year so your child doesn’t only hear from Santa just before or after Christmas. If your child’s birthday is in the middle of the year, it’s a great time to tell your kids that Santa is proud of them for behaving so well or to remind them to shape up if they want to get on Santa’s Nice List.

Spring Break Santa Postcard – Santa Claus takes a vacation during spring break, too, so this is a great time to send the kids a postcard and let them know what Santa and Mrs. Claus are doing on their vacation.

Summer Santa Postcard – Break up the summer boredom with a postcard from Santa Claus! A summer postcard is a good time to let your kids know how many toys the elves have been making, including some special ones for your child, and to remind them that they need to be on Santa’s Nice List so they can reap the rewards of the elves’ work.

Halloween Santa Postcard – You can have a lot of fun with this one, coming up with crazy ideas for costumes that everyone at the North Pole is wearing. Is Santa dressed as Spider-Man this year? Is Mrs. Claus dressed as a Disney princess? What about the reindeer? Kids will love to hear how Santa and all the gang at the North Pole are celebrating Halloween.

There are plenty of other times throughout the year that you might want to send a postcard from Santa, too. You might want to recognize your child for getting on the honor roll, playing on a sports team, making a new friend, or accomplishing something they’re proud of. Get creative! You and your kids can both have fun with Santa postcards all year long.