printable reindeer poop poem
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If Santa’s reindeer can fly around the world in a single night, obviously they have some special powers that defy reason. Apparently this also applies to their (ahem) deer droppings. Did you know that magic flying reindeer poop chocolate? Yes, indeed! Of course, catching a flying reindeer to collect its droppings is darn near impossible, so you can fake it with plain old chocolate you buy at the store. It makes a great gag gift and kids love it!

Here’s the reindeer poop “recipe” and a printable reindeer poop poem you can print out and attach to your gift bags.

Reindeer Poop Recipe
1 Package of malted milk balls, unwrapped Hershey’s Kisses, Milk Duds, or other chocolate candy
1 plastic sandwich bag
1 printable reindeer poop poem (see above)

Take the chocolate candy and pour into the bag. Close the bag. Now print the reindeer poop poem, cut out the tags and attach them to the bag.

That’s it. You’ve created magic reindeer poop!