The legend of Santa is hundreds of years old and began with a real person by the name of Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was a kind man whose generosity led to the tradition of Santa Claus and stockings that millions of people follow. For children, Santa Claus is a wonderful, magical figure. But the belief in Santa can’t last forever. Eventually all kids discover that no one can really fly around the world in a reindeer-drawn sleigh in one night. But until then, Santa remains one of the true joys of childhood. The Internet has made it easier for kids to learn Santa’s secret earlier, but technology is also finding ways to keep the magic alive. Here are some of the ways you can keep your kids believing in Santa for just a bit longer.

Santa Letters
Personalized Santa letters are a wonderfully easy method of keeping your kids believing in Santa Claus, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create one. Here are Printable Santa, we offer affordable Santa letters that you can personalize in minutes, then download and print at home.

For an extra effect, you can send your letters to North Pole, Alaska for a real North Pole postmark. Kids will love it! Simply place your child’s Santa letter in a stamped, addressed envelope and put THAT envelope inside a larger one. Then address the outer one to: North Pole Christmas Cancellation, Postmaster, 4141 Postmark Drive, Anchorage, AK 99530-99998. When your envelopes arrive in Alaska, the post office will open the outer one, stamp the inner one with the North Pole postmark and send it to your child. (Be sure to put the proper postage on both envelopes!)

Photos of Santa in Your House
Another fun method of keeping your kids believing in Santa is to “catch” a photo of him in your home on Christmas Eve. Sound impossible? It’s not. At Capture The Magic, you just upload a photo of the room where you want Santa to appear, and they magically insert him in the photo. You can tweak the image to make him bigger, smaller, lighter or darker, so the scene looks authentic. When you’re happy with the way the photo looks, you can download the file and print it immediately. Your kids will be amazed!

Santa Videos in Your Home
Think a photo of Santa in your house is cool? Then how about a video of him in your home? At, you can “catch Santa” in your home with a similar technique as the one mentioned above – simply upload a photo of a room in your house and then select one of the videos to insert Santa in the picture. When your kids wake up in them morning, you’ll have a convincing video to show them!

Personalized Video Message from Santa Claus
You can also create another type of personalized Santa video. At Disney or Portable North Pole.Tv, you can provide some details about your child and then get a personalized video that incorporates your child’s name, image or other information. Both of these services are completely free, but you’ll need to wait for the holiday season for the sites to be available.

All of these ideas can help kids believe in Santa and help parents enjoy the magic, too, for just a bit longer.