Santa Claus is an extremely busy man during the Christmas holidays, but he has always made sure he has time to send letters to the kids on his Nice List and to visit with them at shopping malls before the holidays. Now he has another way to stay in touch – video messages.

Portable North is a fun way for parents, grandparents and others to share Santa’s joy with a special child. This site makes it easy to send personalized, high-quality videos from Santa to the special child in your life. In the videos, Santa addresses the child by name and also shares other facts that only Santa knows. The service is fun, easy and free to use.

All you need to do is provide Santa with some basic information, such as your child’s name, gender, location and favorite toys. You’ll also have an option to upload a photo so Santa can see how big your child has grown. Once you’ve completed the basic information, Santa takes care of the rest.

He’ll create a special personalized video that can be delivered via email before the holidays. Kids (and adults, too!) will be amazed to hear Santa address them by name, and he’ll be sure to let them know if their behavior is going to put them on his Nice List or his Naughty List.

But the fun doesn’t stop at Christmas. If you let Santa know that your child would like to hear from him on their birthday, good ol’ St. Nick will send a video at that time, too.

These videos are completely free to receive and watch, but if you want to download and save them, you’ll need to pay a small fee.

Take a look below to see a sample Santa birthday video.