Taped Up Memories -- Unique Christmas Photo CardsLooking for something to do with all the Christmas cards you receive during the holidays? Here are a few easy crafts you can create using your recycled cards.

1. Christmas tree ornaments – Cut a picture from one of your holiday cards, punch a hole in the top, put a string through it and use it as an ornament on the tree.

2. Christmas tree spiral ornament – First cut the card into a circle. Then turn it into a spiral by cutting from the outside of the circle and working your way in. Then pull the spiral apart slightly and put a hole and string in the top to hang it three-dimensionally on the tree.

3. Christmas placemats – Kids will love to help with this craft! Cut pictures from your cards into fun shapes and arrange them on a large sheet of colored construction paper and then laminate.

4. New cards – This is a fun way to reuse your cards the next year. Go to a crafts store and buy blank cards. Then cut out some pictures from the cards you receive this year and past them on the blank cards to create cards for the next year.

5. Jigsaw puzzle game – Cut 5 -6 cards into several pieces, mix them all together, and have the kids try to put them back together.

Craft ideas from Where to Buy Recycled Christmas Cards… and What to Do with the Old Ones on Squidoo