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Christmas crafts are a blast for kids. Santa craft ideas for kids are an enjoyable and creative way of spending time with your kids during the Christmas holidays. Let me share a few Christmas craft-decorating free ideas.


If you are searching for holiday craft ideas for preschoolers, begin with this activity-Santa pictures. There are hundreds of Santa coloring books sold during Christmas. Pick a picture from the book. Cut out Santa’s picture, and put it in the center of your white construction paper. Using a glue stick, paste the Santa’s picture on to the paper.

Use colored pencils to decorate the picture. Once coloring is done, use wisps of cotton to serve as Santa’s beard and a small ball of cotton at the end of his red hat. To make it extra special, use small, black buttons as Santa’s eyes and a red button for his nose. Fill the rest of the area of the white construction paper by drawing presents or candy canes.

When the picture is completed, your kids can sign their names directly under the picture. Take a piece of cardboard and glue the picture to it. Place the picture in a frame, and place the frame in a special place in your home for all to see and admire.


Santa Christmas cards are perfect for your kids this time of year. Cut a piece of white card stock to 5″ x 7″. You can either fold it vertically or horizontally. Tell your kids to create their own version of Santa on the front page. If they need help, you might have some picturs of Santa for them to copy. Let them use crayons or colored markers to help stimulate their imagination.

Open up the card and let your children print Christmas messages on the inside of the card. Homemade Christmas cards are delightful to display at home or send to friends and relatives. If you are doing several projects, be sure to add this to your Christmas craft-a-day calendar.


You’ll need crayons and markers; cotton balls, a dinner-sized paper plate, and color sparkles. Draw Santa, without his red cap, on the plate using the crayons or markers. Add the cotton balls for his beard. You can even glue the cotton balls into a V shape so that Santa’s beard hangs off the plate. The cotton balls can also be used for Santa’s hair, too.

Color Santa’s eyes blue and draw the Santa’s glasses black. Color cotton ball red with food coloring or a market. Now place it on Santa’s nose. On the rim of the plate, use red or green marker. You might like to decorate it with glitter, too. Lastly, you need to add a hook to the plate and hang it on your tree.

Well that’s it! There are many different ways to share with your kids on how to make Santa Christmas ornaments, pictures, and cards.

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