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Reindeer Root Beer Bottles

Posted in Christmas Crafts Christmas Food More Christmas Santa's Blog
May 1, 2013 by Mrs. Claus

rootbeer reindeerHere’s a wonderfully simple gift idea from Fingerprints on the Fridge, a great blog for moms who want to get the most out of life and have fun while they’re doing it.

This simple but super cute reindeer project is easy enough for kids to do, and it’ll make a great gift for teachers, grandparents or even their little buddies.

All you need are googly eyes, little red pom-poms, some dark brown pipe cleaners, a six-pack of IBC root beer (or any long-necked root beer in dark bottles) and some glue. Do you need any more instructions than that? Just show your kids the photo and they’ll be ready to get to work!

Check out Fingerprints on the Fridge for more fun ideas.

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Easy Christmas Pancakes Are Fun for Breakfast

Posted in Christmas Crafts Christmas Food More Christmas Santa Claus Santa's Blog
December 8, 2012 by Mrs. Claus

christmas foods - snowman pancakeHere’s a fun way to enjoy breakfast during the Christmas holidays – snowman and Santa Claus pancakes!

You don’t need any special talent to make these pancakes. But what you will need is pancake mix, chocolate chips or blueberries, whipped cream or powdered sugar, strawberry jam and bacon.

Kids will love to not only eat these pancakes, but to help decorate them, too. Here’s how:

To make a snowman like the one shown above, simply pour two circles of pancake mix in the frying pan to form the body. Make sure to pour the circles far enough apart that when they spread out and merge the circular shape still remains, rather than making a big lumpy shape without much definition.

When the pancakes are done, add chocolate chips or blueberries for the face and buttons and a bacon strip for the scarf.

To make either of the Santa pancakes, create Santa’s face first by adding chocolate chips or blueberries to create the eyes, nose and mouth. Then cut another pancake into the shape of a hat. Spread strawberry jam on the hat and then add whipped cream or powdered sugar to create the fluffy white “fur” trim. Add more whipped cream or powdered sugar for the beard.

Now it’s time to enjoy!

christmas foods for kids - santa pancakes
christmas pancakes - santa claus 1

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Fun Santa Sled Treats

Posted in Christmas Crafts Christmas Food More Christmas Santa Claus Santa's Blog
November 25, 2012 by Mrs. Claus

cute christmas food crafts - santa sledHere’s a fun Christmas food craft kids will enjoy. It’s a marshmallow Santa riding a sleigh made of a chocolate chip cookie bar and little candy canes.

Here’s what you’ll need to make 12 Santa sleds:
– 12 chocolate chip cookie bars
– 24 large marshmallows
– 24 mini candy canes
– 12 pairs of candy eyes or mini M&Ms
– 12 holiday Hershey’s Kisses in red foil
– red decorating sugar
– black icing
– 4 Tb butter
– microwaveable bowl
– small mixing bowl

Start by baking your chocolate chip cookie bars according to the directions and allowing them to cool. Cut the bars so they’re slightly longer than the mini candy canes. Then use icing to attach the candy canes to the sides of the bars to create the sled runners. Now set aside to let the icing dry while you create the lower part of the marshmallow Santas.

Start by melting the butter in a small microwaveable dish. Now roll half the marshmallows in the butter one at a time, getting just enough butter to coat the outside. Then move the buttered marshmallow to another bowl and sprinkle the sides with red sugar.

Use the black icing to create buttons and a belt. Then place the coated marshmallows on top of the cookie sleds and use a toothpick to secure them. A portion of the toothpick will be sticking out of the top of the marshmallow. Leave this so you can secure Santa’s head.

With the remaining marshmallows, use a small amount of black icing to stick the candy eyes or M&Ms to the marshmallow. Then add an icing nose. When you’ve finished with the face, stick it on top of the toothpick in the red coated marshmallow. Add a small bit of icing to the top of the marshmallow, and then stick a Hershey’s Kisses on the top to create Santa’s hat.

Now eat and enjoy!

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Make Free Animated Christmas Cards with Smilebox

Posted in Christmas Cards Christmas Crafts Santa's Blog
October 23, 2012 by Mrs. Claus

Share holiday moments!Here’s a fun way to send personalized Christmas ecards with your own photos and message. Smilebox is a service that helps you make customized animated cards and slideshows. They provide cute backgrounds and animation, and you add your own photos, text and choice of music.

Smilebox offers hundreds of designs for all occasions, including Christmas, and all the designs are free. Ads on each creation allow them to offer the service for free, but you can also sign up for the 14-day free trial to get access to premium features such as ad-free cards.  You’ll also get the ability to print your creations or burn them to disc.

In addition to creating animated Christmas cards, you can also make your own electronic holiday party invitations, recipe cards, family slideshows and more. There are also plenty of fun templates for other holidays, as well as for everyday greetings.

Reprinted with permission from Free Animated Christmas Cards on Squidoo.

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Free Printable Reindeer Poop Poem

Posted in Christmas Crafts Christmas Food More Christmas Santa's Blog
September 27, 2012 by Mrs. Claus

printable reindeer poop poem
Click to open as a pdf file

If Santa’s reindeer can fly around the world in a single night, obviously they have some special powers that defy reason. Apparently this also applies to their (ahem) deer droppings. Did you know that magic flying reindeer poop chocolate? Yes, indeed! Of course, catching a flying reindeer to collect its droppings is darn near impossible, so you can fake it with plain old chocolate you buy at the store. It makes a great gag gift and kids love it!

Here’s the reindeer poop “recipe” and a printable reindeer poop poem you can print out and attach to your gift bags.

Reindeer Poop Recipe
1 Package of malted milk balls, unwrapped Hershey’s Kisses, Milk Duds, or other chocolate candy
1 plastic sandwich bag
1 printable reindeer poop poem (see above)

Take the chocolate candy and pour into the bag. Close the bag. Now print the reindeer poop poem, cut out the tags and attach them to the bag.

That’s it. You’ve created magic reindeer poop!

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A Charlie Brown Christmas: Christmas Time is Here

Posted in Christmas Music More Christmas
September 25, 2012 by Mrs. Claus

“Christmas Time is Here” is one of the songs from “A Charlie Brown Christmas, ” the 1965 animated special that starred the characters from the Peanuts gang. Many people now recognize this song and love it, but TV producers hated the music Vince Guaraldi wrote for the show. In fact, they thought the whole show would be a flop. Apparently not. It’s still going strong, all these years later.

Read more about the Charlie Brown Christmas Song: Christmas Time is Here.

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Free Dear Santa Letter Printable

Posted in Christmas Traditions More Christmas Santa Claus Santa's Blog
September 21, 2012 by Mrs. Claus

What better way to prepare for a visit from St. Nick than to write him a letter? Kids love writing to Santa Claus, and it’s a great way for them to practice their writing skills and learn the essential elements of writing a letter. It’s also provides a perfect opportunity for parents to discover what secret wishes kids might only want to share with Santa!

This free “Dear Santa” letter printable is a .pdf document that you can download and print out at home. It already has Santa’s name and address at the top, as well as a greeting and closing. Your kids just need to fill out the body of the letter. After your child is done, be sure to save a copy of the letter! These are great fun to re-read in years to come.

And then don’t forget to help Santa respond! We offer many printable Santa letter packages that you can print at home, too!

To get your free Dear Santa letter template, simply click the image below to open the document as a .pdf file.

dear santa letter template
Click to open a pdf file

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Monster’s Holiday – The Christmas “Monster Mash” Song

Posted in Christmas Music More Christmas Santa's Blog
September 8, 2012 by Mrs. Claus

“Monster Mash” is the popular Halloween song about a mad scientist’s monster who rises late one evening to perform a new dance that becomes the “hit of the land.” The song, recorded by Bobby “Boris” Pickett in 1962, is still a favorite tune during October. But did you know the monster celebrated Christmas, too?

“Monster’s Holiday” was a follow-up to the immensely popular “Monster Mash.” It was released in December 1962 and shot up to #30 on the Billboard charts. In the song, Bobby “Boris” Pickett once again does his Boris Karloff imitation to tell of story of “the night before Christmas when all through the castle, my monsters were having a Yuletide hassle.”

The song hasn’t enjoyed the enduring popularity of “Monster Mash,” but it’s still a great Christmas novelty song that kids and adults can both enjoy.

Monster’s Holiday Lyrics
‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the castle
My monsters were having a Yuletide hassle
The tree was all trimmed in ghoulish things
Like werewolf fangs and vampire wings

(It was a monster’s holiday)
But they were up to no good
(It was a monster’s holiday)
Didn’t act like good monsters should
(It was a monster’s holiday)
They found themselves a new play
(It was a monster’s holiday)
They planned to rob Santa’s sleigh

They were making a list and checking it twice
Frankenstein wanted a shiny new trike
A new chain for Yarnush
A brace for Igor’s back
A speed shaver for Wolfman
A new cape for Drac

(It was a monster’s holiday)
They were up to no good
(It was a monster’s holiday)
Didn’t act like good monster’s should
(It was a monster’s holiday)
They found themselves a new play
(It was a monster’s holiday)
They planned to rob Santa’s sleigh

The Mummy was to signal from the castle roof
At the very first sound of a reindeer hoof
As Santa slid down the chimney wall
The zombies were to make off with sleigh and all

From beyond the moat there arose such a clatter
I jumped to the window to see what was the matter
Like a bolt of lightning it happened so quick
And there in our midst stood old Saint Nick

He began to dig down deep in his sack
And came up with the traction for Igor’s back
Drac got his cape
Franky’s trike made him behave
Even Wolfman was happy now he can shave

(It was a monster’s holiday)
And all ended well
(It was a monster’s holiday)
And Santa was really swell
(It was a monster’s holiday)
No need to rob Santa’s sleigh
(It was a monster’s holiday)
Maybe next year he’ll come back

So the children everywhere were spared the grief
Of losing their presents to a monster sleigh thief
Now the monsters love Santa and say they’ll behave
And never again rob sleighs or graves

[Repeat “it was a monster’s holiday” in background with the following:]
Igor, what do you think of Santa now?
“Arrrrrr…Santa good!”
And Santa said as he drove out of sight

[Dracula accent:]
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night – blaaaa!”

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh
Dashing through the snow
Where is that reindeer with the red nose, blaaaa
On Donner, on Blitzen, on Dancer …

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